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Parkrun: Croxteth Hall and Country Park

As part of our special ‘Wellness Week’ starting next Tuesday, we’re inviting you to come along and join staff at the Saturday Parkrun on 30th June. It begins at 9am and is 5km – you can run, jog or walk.

Meet us in front of the hall on the main steps beforehand.

For further details of the Parkrun initiative click here

Safeguarding incident

Please be aware of the attached letter, which we have been asked to post by Merseyside Police.



Incident Letter 4 JUNE 2018



All Saints Languages and Cultural Festival

I think this is the 10th one that we’ve had at the school? There have certainly been quite a few.

Why do we do it? Because at the core of our curriculum is a belief that we must look outwards, that learning takes place when we are interested in other people, other places, other cultures. It is central to our belief that CURIOSITY is a learning habit that is healthy and important in reaching fulfilment and happiness.

So this week they’ll be some interesting food to taste (French theme), activities around Arabic, visitors to tell us about Spanish festivals, teachers introducing pupils to Mandarin, plus the chance to stand on stage and take part in performing a French song. This year too, we’ve an Art Exhibition on Wednesday where we’ve taken a key person from British artistic culture, Banksy, and asked the children to design a piece of art in that style.

Parents can come to the exhibition after school on Wednesday but be aware that there will be a lot of parents straight after 3.10pm – why not wait a bit and come at 4pm or 4.30pm? You’ll have more time to look at the work and find your child’s. Each piece of work is available for £5.00 – the company’s costs for framing, 25p to Zoe’s Place and 50p to the Parents’ Association. However, you don’t have to buy the piece of art – we’ll display them in school instead.

On Thursday, please come along to the two assemblies: Reception and KS1 at 9:30am, and KS2 at 2:15pm. As well as hearing the French songs and playlets, we will also find out who are the winners of the 100-Word Challenge. Do you know your ‘l’hiver’ from your ‘le printemps’?

New House System

All pupils have been set a task – to design a flag for their new house/team. During our Wellness Week (starting on 26th June) we will launch the houses with all sorts of ‘Sports Day’ type activities. There will also be a Quiz Afternoon come July.

So what are they houses, and what do we know about them?

Chongqing House: after our friends at Bashu School in Chongqing, China. A huge city (how big?) with an interesting history (what happened there in 1945?) and one of the world’s longest rivers passing through it (which river?).

Flanders House: after our friends in Veurne, Belgium. Four different Y6 groups from All Saints have visited Belgium to meet our friends. Why is Flanders so important for British people? Why is it so flat? What language do they speak? Their headteacher is visiting our school in July so get your questions ready!

Rouen House: after our friends in Rouen, France. Staff have visited our partner school there, Ecole Rosa Parks, and we have funding to send many more over coming months and years. Apart from Rosa Parks, who is the famous woman forever linked to the city of Rouen. What region is it in and which river does it sit on?

Waterloo House: after our friends in Sierra Leone, at FANO and Milton Margai School for the Blind. Why Waterloo? And why is there a Liverpool region called Waterloo? Why does Waterloo have such an importance for the British people? What does Waterloo in Sierra Leone have to worry about – war, famine, flooding?

So as we start our Languages and Cultural Festival next week, here’s the challenge – use what we know about these places to design some brand new flags! And on Tuesday 26th June we will fly these flags as we sing our own National Anthem and launch the Wellness Week.

Headteacher’s Message

Half-term is upon us and the year is racing ahead of us. However, we have seven action-packed weeks to go and I wanted to highlight some of the learning at school during this time.

Firstly, a massive ‘well-done’ to all the children in Years 2 and 6 who have been doing national assessments during May. I was really impressed with the pupils’ attitudes and pride in what they were doing. A great effort!

Year 6 are now embarking on several projects: a musical, Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, the ‘Fiver Challenge’ enterprise project, hosting a Pupil Conference at LFC, and lots of preparations for their leavers’ celebrations in July. The choir will be fully involved in ‘Joseph’ as well as being part of the iSing Concert at the end of June.

In June, we are running two festival weeks to which parents are invited. Firstly, it’s the Languages and Cultural Festival starting on June 11th, featuring an Art Exhibition on 13th June and performance assemblies on 14th June. Look out for the 100-Word French challenge which has been set this week.

Then on 26th June we run a Wellness Week featuring all our Sports Day activities, plus the launch of a new house system. There will be a ‘screen-free’ day and assemblies on 29th June. Plus lots more. Our new house system will centre around the four schools around the world where we have great partnerships and cultural links. I’m really excited by the learning we will get from this. A Flag-Design task will be launched on our return from half-term.

We are planning a revised curriculum to be launched in September – parents will receive new guides explaining this in detail. The key theme running through it is the link to our community, the parish of All Saints and the wider world – learning is better when it is shared across borders and across generations. Learning as a family or parish community is deep and meaningful, much more that simply learning to pass an exam. New communication systems, especially a package called Seesaw, will allow you to be more involved in the learning of your child. Early Years are already starting this with a piece of software called Tapestry.

A major change for September lies around our music offer to our pupils. This will be the subject of a blog in a few weeks time.

We hope you’ll like it.

Thanks for all your support so far this term – have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


Community Partners: St Vincent’s School for the Blind

Each week, a group of pupils visit St Vincent’s School for the Blind in West Derby as part of our joint ‘reverse inclusion’ project. The idea is that the children with ‘visual impairment’ are on their home territory and can lead our children in shared learning – this is in creating ceramic pieces of art work. They also make friends and establish links in a non-threatening environment.

Between us, St Vincent’s and All Saints are trying to lead on a curricular approach which celebrates the arts, compassion, collaboration and ingenuity. Much of this is already being shared with schools in the UK and around the world. This summer, in partnership with Hope University, our children are hosting a Global Youth Conference on June 16th.

If you were blind and growing up in Sub-Saharan Africa, what would you do? This is the subject for an innovative project we’re starting next week with St Vincent’s and Comms Plus 02. This will lead to a Pupil Conference on 6th July at Liverpool FC.

For more information about St Vincent’s work and their charity Sightbox, read more at

Holiday Hawks -May Half Term



PDSA and Animal Welfare

Today, we had a visit from the charity PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) who did some work with some classes, and also spoke at our assembly. A care and respect for God’s creation is key to our ethos and values, and that extends to all creatures on earth. The children learnt a lot about how wonderful people take on the care of unwanted pets and give them a new lease of life.

They also learnt about responsibility. Having a pet is hard work as well as very fulfilling. Don’t treat pets as a passing interest; a pet is a partner for life!

For more information about the work of PDSA click here


Family Planting Event

Come and join us on Friday 4th May from 3.30 till 5.30pm…

Year 6 – BBC Newsround: Champions League Semi Final

Newsround is covering the Champions League Semi Final and we want to get the excitement from fans in and around the matches – we want to see and hear young Liverpool fans watching and reacting to the two upcoming legs taking place on Tuesday 24th April and Wed 2nd May.

We’d love to hear from kids aged 8 – 13. A mix of girls and boys would be lovely if possible.

During the match we’d like parents to film their child/children (either at the match or watching at home) reacting to goals, misses, ref decisions etc.

After the match we’d like the kids to give us their match summary – speaking directly into the camera to give their opinions about the match and answer the below:

  • How does it feel to have made it one step closer to the final?
  • How does it feel to be playing against Roma?
  • Who scored the best goal?
  • What was your favourite moment?
  • Who was your man of the match?

Keeping it short and snappy.

After they’ve been recorded, could parents please send the videos over to us on Tuesday night straight after the match using Wetransfer ( to maeve.o’

We would like the same again for the second leg. However, if there are any kids going to Rome to watch the match on the 2nd May, then we’d love them to send us a video diary of them at the match etc. We would ask parents to get in touch with us to discuss this in more detail. 

We would ask parents to film their child’s answers using a phone or tablet (IN LANDSCAPE NOT PORTRAIT). I have also attached our self-shooting guide to offer a few tips. We cannot guarantee anything we are sent will end up online or on air.

If parents are happy for their child to take part, we would ask them to sign, scan and return a consent form.

Jan 2018 Newsround child consent form

Newsround Shooting Guide